Free Traveling


The video is so you can formulate your own opinion but…

I don’t completely like the idea of free travel


  • I’m a type A personality. I’m a control freak.

I can’t be comfortable not knowing what I will eat, where I will sleep, how will I get somewhere.

….I guess you need that carefree adventurous attitude.

  • I can’t depend on the good will of others.

I’ve learned in life to do things for myself. I don’t really trust people.

But I’m probably just afraid.



Escape Rooms Exist!

So a while ago I had seen that there was a Groupon for an Escape Room activity and the people I was mentioning it to were not into it at all. Lately though, they have been growing in numbers and even the Xtreme Action Park which is very popular in my area is opening Escape Rooms themselves.

If you are the kind of person that loves a mental challenge, I would definitely try it. I am lucky that I found someone that wants to do it with me.

Once I try it out I will let you guys know how it went.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked 
in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of 
puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical 
versions of "escape the room" video games.

At least that is what Wikipedia says.

Where did they originate?

According to the Washington Post, after taking off in Asia, Western 
Europe and the West Coast, these attractions are popping up across the 

Are they really that challenging?

It all depends on the Escape Room in your area but for instance, Escape
Room Live DC is "set up so about 30 percent of participants can 
escape in time without help from the gamemaster".

Is it expensive?

According to npr, tickets run around $30 a person at most places, or teams 
can buy out the room.

Hillsong Concert

My first concert and it was more than amazing than I thought it could be.

Thank you for dying to save my life and loving me unconditionally. I am not alone and u are not alone. We are all children of God and that alone means you are worth so much.

My past boyfriend and I spoke and we are on good terms and since then a huge weight has been lifted. It was the day I went to the doctors shortly after posting here.

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DIY Bracelet & Store- August 9th, 2013

Dear WordPress users,

I have some stuff to tell you!

Well first…I am making an online store and I will show you guys really soon.

I am helping right a story for a manga if you guys know what that is. I am also currently watching SAO.

I am made the bracelet I posted the last time. It might not be perfect but its not too shabby.


I bought my clothes and shoes and stuff so I will post pics for you guys .


♥ Hena ♥

The Magic of Money & Crafts – July 18, 2013

Dear WordPress users,

I did some shopping today. I think my debit card is magical because the money should be all spent yet when I swipe the card I get to keep my stuff. I will show you guys later.

If you ever see a place call Dots, go there. You won’t find it at the mall but its a cute small store that sells great clothes for a low price. Once I get my pay check I’m going to go to the mall, if I can’t find a shirt to go with my skirt I’m going to Dots.

As I said before, I am going to post a craft you guys can do yourself once in a while.

Today’s craft is… Homemade Rock Candy

How make to make your own Rock Candy!

 You will need:
Food Coloring (concentrated for brighter colors)
Wooden Candy Sticks or Bamboo Skewers
Glass Cup
flavoring (optional)
Dip them in water, then roll in sugar. Let dry completely and set aside. This gives the sugar a base. Something to stick to when it starts to crystallize.
Mix equal parts of water and sugar in a pot on med-high heat until dissolved. Then continue to add sugar until you have 2:1 – 3:1 ratio. It will get to a point where it won’t dissolve anymore. Around 4 cups of water and 8-9 cups of sugar
Remember I said that I lost my phone?
Well I went to get a new one today. That’s enough spending for me right now. I have to start making a list of all the money I have to spend.
Post to ya soon!
♥ Hena ♥