Hillsong Concert

My first concert and it was more than amazing than I thought it could be.

Thank you for dying to save my life and loving me unconditionally. I am not alone and u are not alone. We are all children of God and that alone means you are worth so much.

My past boyfriend and I spoke and we are on good terms and since then a huge weight has been lifted. It was the day I went to the doctors shortly after posting here.

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Anger Management

Hey Guys,

I don’t know why but lately I have been having some anger management problems.

I get extremely angry really easily and I always have the need to rant, even if it’s about nothing really significant.

I’m not sure what really spiked it inside me. Probably because my mom does that all the time and she comes to me to unload herself.

Since It is winter beak, I’ll spend more time publishing post and I’ll need to buy a foam board to post all the bible verses to read.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


My new realization.

I think I need to learn how to do things to give me life a bit of meaning so I was wondering if you guys had suggestions on things. You guys can help me out.

 I started my list:

* learn Korean

 <– Lee Min Ho is the hottest ♥


* learn mandarin

* learn how to bake well (maybe start my own business)


* learn piano

* learn how to dance


* learn how to sing

* learn how to take pictures (one day become photographer)

* learn how to do nails (future career)

* learn how to do hair (future career)