Tip 1| Week of Moving in

1| Financial Stability

…is important when moving in.

And here is why:

  • Dual-income vs. Sole income. If you are currently unemployed or are studying towards your career you might be expecting for their to be one bread winner. Communication is key. There are a lot of dual-income households because in this day-in-age, one income is just not enough to live comfortably.


  • Separating bills before moving in. Agreeing on who is responsible for what bill eliminates awkward conversations and last minute scramming. Key word: Agreeing.


  • Who earns more? 50/50 is not always the best route to go. Typically, if someone is earning considerably more than another then they should try to pitch in a little more. Why? Because that way you both can have spending money and be able to save.


  • Joint accounts vs. Individual accounts. This is all a matter of opinion and which you prefer. Honestly, I would probably do both; keep an individual account but open a joint one. Humans go through many relationships throughout their lives so having your own account can help you have a net when worst case scenario happens.


  • Ways to save money!Image result for light bulb idea gif1. Changing to energy efficient light bulbs.2. Cooking/Meal Prepping

    3. Getting a water filter system (Ex. Brita)

    4. Building good habits ( Ex. Turning off the lights or eating leftovers first)

    5. Clip coupons/Use money savings apps


5 Thoughts/Lessons I Learned

Alright so let’s go back….

to the 20 Psychology Facts That Will Change Your Worldview

You didn’t watch it? It’s okay. Click the smiley face below.



#14. Thinking about How You think is a sign of higher intelligence

I believe that at some point, if not at various points

a person has to analyze their thinking process.


5 things I recently learned

1| Learn how many f#cks to give

2| Learn to give quick come-backs

3| Learn to not divulge all aspects of your life

4| Learn responsibility distribution & how you can escape it

5| Realizing when you are wrong and owning up

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Cashing in Your Happiness

So following my last post…I think I want to be a journalist, event planner, or CFP/Investor.

Cooking has helped me feel less stressed and more motivated these past few weeks. I am at a point where I don’t know what to do with my life and going to school for no reason just feels like a waste of time right now. I’m taking some time off to discover what I’m good at and what I’m interested in.

> My childhood wasn’t great. My mother always told me “when you turn 18 and you’re out of the house you can do whatever you please but whilst your under my roof you do as I say“. Now that I’m out of the house I want to do the things I couldn’t when I was younger. I want to live life and see all the possibilities.

Something I came across recently that I would like to share with everyone is this simple thought…

“You weren’t put on this Earth to work your whole life and push your happiness aside for a later date”.

After high school…after college…after my kids grow up…after I retire and then we die with regrets because we kept putting our happiness aside…waiting to cash it all in for a future date.

When will you stop placing your happiness aside?

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SuperCon Volunteer

These past few months have been weird…

I’ve had to move again for the 4th time in 2 years. I was placed on academic probation and denied my financial aid. I transitioned to part time because I thought I was going to continue going to school, leaving me broke and frustrated.

I’ve been trying to find a job these last months with no luck. I’ve been feeling hopeless and the future seems very unclear. Everyone says I should stay in school and “study something” but what if that “something” is not what I like?

Just-a-while-ago, I was stuck studying a career I didn’t enjoy. I ended up wasting two years of my life already. So now I’m left with the ultimate question that any new budding adult is asking themself…” what do you want to be in life?”

I’m in something I define as the worldy limbo. I’m not losing a job but I’m not gaining one either. I’m trying to find out what I’m good at and what I’m interested in and pursuing that. I’m re-visiting hobbies I enjoyed such as cooking/baking, anime, planning (event planner/volunteering), and budgeting (financial planning).

So I would like to mention that I am now a volunteer for the South Florida SuperCon!

Image result for south florida supercon

This has become a spark of hope that maybe I’m transitioning out of limbo…..



How to Become a Grocery Master

The Financial Diet (TFD)  is a very fun and educational Youtube channel that gives you plenty of knowledge and ways to tackle-down everyday financial life.


My Additions:

Bring a List: Writing down what you have already decided you need helps you stay focused and prevents you from buying things you want… but don’t actually need.

Use Apps: Apps like Ibotta or Walmart Savings Catcher help you get money back on purchases. Snap a picture of your receipt and you are good to go!

Budget: Establishing a monthly budget (whether on paper or mentally) of what you think you should be spending on groceries, can help you stay in control of your spending. Try limiting the amount of times you have to go to the grocery store.


Please comment below on ways YOU master grocery shopping.

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Life Goals (1/2) 2 min read

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Everybody has dreams and aspirations they wish to achieve. But dreams aren’t concrete and sometimes they seem so far out of reach you lose any motivation or slight interest you had in them. Every year for the past couple of years, I have been creating New Year’s Goals for myself to complete. Every year I get 90% of that list completed.

Goals can be Big or Small. It’s okay to have small goals and it’s okay to be proud of those too. But don’t forget to push yourself and climb higher. Here is my list I created for this year:

  • Go to California in the summer
  • Go to the gym
  • Go back to school
  • Get a tattoo (go to tattoo fair in August 13)
  • Plan for my 21st birthday (las vegas, six flags, new york)
  • Go to a drive-in movie theater (valentine’s day)
  • Go to a lighthouse
  • Go horseback riding
  • Hang out with Mike’s family more often and have him hangout with mine
  • Cook more
  • Play Guitar
  • Paintball fighting with friends
  • Camping
  • Go to Key West
  • Have two jobs
  • Put contacts on
  • Get a new purse
  • Dye my hair
  • Get the humidifier/incense
  • New clothes
  • Participate in an escape room (mike’s birthday)
  • Get an xbox one ($300)
  • Invest

Be Proud of the Little Ones. As you can see, there is already a few I have completed. There are a couple goals that seem very “normal” but in reality they are “attainable”. The purpose is not to discourage yourself. Scratching an idea off your list is like removing it from your head and now you no longer have to place extra ENERGY or EFFORT in dwelling on it.

> In my relationship, I realized I find it satisfying to see my man get to something that we have been thinking of for a while. For instance, we have been talking about getting him new pants for work. When we finally got them, I felt happy because now we no longer felt that need to get it done and he got what he wanted.