Valentine’s Day DIY

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🎆 New Years Decoration Ideas 🎉

Update: Things have been getting a bit better. I finally got back the money for the vet bill I had to pay when my dog was attacked. I’m learning how to resolve conflicts at home and I’m molding my relationship with Andy for the better.

I also want to accomplish many things during this winter break. Initially, I wanted to learn how to make my own clothes but I lost a piece of my sewing machine so I had to do some thing else. The piece will show up sooner or later.

New Years Decoration Ideas

* party hats $1

* noisemakers $1

* poppers (tutorial coming soon)

* banner (tutorial coming soon)

* photo booth (DIY)

* streamers (DIY)

* candles (DIY)

Winter Birthday Idea

Hey guys,

Originally this was suppose to be for my birthday but I thought it would be pretty cool if others could do it too.

For the winter babies,

Option 1: buy a pack of Ball mason jar cups and


* place cake in them (I mean it IS your birthday)

* make sleeves for them and pour some hot cocoa.

images (2) imagesOOCMENBP

Ball Mason Jars have been trending due to the many DIY projects you can make with them. Its almost like a goodie bag they are taking home.

* The were recently selling the at Target at 9.99 for a 12 pack

Option 2: If you don’t Ike the mason jar idea or you can’t find them for cheap. You can buy regular solid white mugs for $1 and a decoart glass painting marker at Michaels for 3.99. Then you just decorate the outside and bake them and hand them to your friends. You could also place in cake or hot cocoa.

imagesCPP7LEJ9 untitled (2)

For the setting:

* You can go Ice Skating

* You can have a Bon Fire

* Tea Party

* Horseback Riding

* Motorbike Racing

Or if you’d like something indoors if its really chilly outside.

Decór, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Korean Dramas

Hello guys,

I’ve had a lot on my plate and I haven’t been myself lately so I’m trying to go back to what makes me happy.

I want this post to help you guys so here are some stuff that I can suggest to you:

* You can decorate your room with “autumnal” paint swatches.

I will do this on my desk area.

Time to fill your jars with potpourri.

 You can totally do this with ModPodge.

* Its breast cancer month. Show your support by joining a walk. It’s always good to take precautions so protect yourself by getting a mammogram this year.

You can also go to this link and purchase cute breast cancer awareness bracelets. We all love boobies.

* I just recently finished watching a Korean drama (wow Hena this is what you do in your free time?) I actually finished this in 3 days. It’s called Trot Lovers and it was like a typical Korean drama but you get attached to the actors. 🙂 there isn’t a picture that will do it justice so just look at all of them and then go watch the drama. 😛

Birthday Card for Homeless Kids

Hey guys,

So I have been posting about this lately.

Here are our cards so far





I thought I should explain this one more

WIN_20140823_070157 (2)

 This card has an orange pocket that contains three white origami hearts. The instructions are to color the hearts with the crayon provided in order to reveal a hidden message. Of course, it’s something sweet. 🙂

Double DIY Day

Hey there,

Well because I’m posting a lot of beauty stuff lately I might as well post some DIY’s to go with it

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

diy brush holder 

Thing you will need:

– Jar

– Beads

The beads can be substituted with marbles, pearl beads, sand, etc.

~ These Jars can be purchased at Dollar General for $1. You can buy the beads at Walmart, Target of Michaels.

I ran out of yellow beads so I added some flowers to keeps the brushes standing. If I could do anything differently I’d change the yellow beads with pearl looking ones to match the flowers. It’s important to fill the jar with enough beads or items to hold up the brushes

If you are really crafty, here is another DIY my mother thought of the other day:

Liquid Eyeliner Brush into Nail Art Brush

~ You can just recycle that old thin eyeliner brush and instead use it to make perfect nail art designs. TIP: You can also use the bottle to add some nail polish color that you would like to use for the design.

DIY Reese’s Teddy Bear

Hey guys,

I had given my boyfriend this cute DIY Reese’s teddy bear some weeks ago.

I thought it would be helpful if I shared this idea with you guys.

I’m proud of it since I didn’t have to go to Pinterest for the first time in my life.

* Teddy bear Reese’s DIY



What you will need:

* Tape

* Jar

* Bag of Mini Reese’s Peanut Buttercups ©

* Paper/ Foam paper

* Googley eyes

I hope you guys try this idea out and enjoy the rest of your day 😏