4 Adult Drinks to Try this Summer

Beach Bum - Vodka Cocktail

1. Beach Bum

Strawberry Basil Lemonade - Gin Cocktail

2. Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Grand Orange Collins - Grand Marnier Cocktail

3. Grand Orange Collins

Honey Berry Sling - Vodka Cocktail

4. Honey Berry Sling


SuperCon Volunteer

These past few months have been weird…

I’ve had to move again for the 4th time in 2 years. I was placed on academic probation and denied my financial aid. I transitioned to part time because I thought I was going to continue going to school, leaving me broke and frustrated.

I’ve been trying to find a job these last months with no luck. I’ve been feeling hopeless and the future seems very unclear. Everyone says I should stay in school and “study something” but what if that “something” is not what I like?

Just-a-while-ago, I was stuck studying a career I didn’t enjoy. I ended up wasting two years of my life already. So now I’m left with the ultimate question that any new budding adult is asking themself…” what do you want to be in life?”

I’m in something I define as the worldy limbo. I’m not losing a job but I’m not gaining one either. I’m trying to find out what I’m good at and what I’m interested in and pursuing that. I’m re-visiting hobbies I enjoyed such as cooking/baking, anime, planning (event planner/volunteering), and budgeting (financial planning).

So I would like to mention that I am now a volunteer for the South Florida SuperCon!

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This has become a spark of hope that maybe I’m transitioning out of limbo…..



3 Ways I Got Freebies!

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  • Trial Period. Things like gym memberships, amazon prime, and netflix have trial periods were you can receive service or products for free. Its free as long as you don’t pass the trial period.
  • Subscriptions on Your Birthday. Places like Sephora and Denny’s will give you free stuff on your birthday as long as you are subscribed to their emails.
  • Subscription Boxes. Goody boxes like Fabletics, Blue Apron and AdoreMe will give first time subscribers HUGE discounts for their products. I paid only $25 for a whole outfit from Kate Hudson. I paid $30 for a box of Blue Apron opposed to its regular price of $60 for 3 meals. I paid $25 for a bathing suit set that would of cost $50 at their regular price on AdoreMe.


I got inspired to share my experience from this video from BeatTheBush: How I Get All My Free Stuff.