Lovely Life Reminder

Life Reminder:

Honestly, you are your worst enemy.

There is no one to blame for your decisions but yourself.

When there is something shi**y going on, don’t moan and groan about it. Take action!

Don’t close yourself from opportunities.


My Relatable Experience: You Totally Don’t Have to Read

> Lately, I’ve been feeling bored. I wish I had more people to talk to. But I also close myself to opportunities. I realize that I’m the reason I feel shi**y sometimes. I reject hangouts but then wish I could of gone out. Well that all is going to change. Truthfully, being in a new relationship has changed me a little bit and I feel like I should stay “myself”. My boyfriend is totally on board with that. But I’M the one stopping myself from getting out there. I’m young, I still have a lot to do and stuff to explore.



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