Meal Prepping (2 Min Read)

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The goal with this new age and technology is to make things more efficient so that we, as humans, can take less time on things. The key words are TIME and EFFORT. Many can attest that lifestyle in a first world country is rushed and often times overwhelming. Many of us spend more time at work than at home. Therefore, we come home and making dinner becomes a drag. Grabbing a quick bite at the many unhealthy fast food places we have at our disposal sounds like the way to go.

Meal prepping has existed for a long time but it’s not until recently that it has been trending. Meal prepping is all about saving time and effort in the week. Wouldn’t it be great to save 2 hours of your day to do something more meaningful? Of course it would!! As a plus, it is a great way to maintain a healthy diet. I personally haven’t been doing this but….


Do you guys meal prep for the week? I see videos of people who cook food one or two days out of the week and then just store it in the fridge and heat it up when they’re hungry.

Does it taste good after being reheated? How many days do you typically store yourImage result for no time to cook gif meal for before it goes bad? I wouldn’t eat a meal after the third day in the fridge.


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