Life Goals (1/2) 2 min read

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Everybody has dreams and aspirations they wish to achieve. But dreams aren’t concrete and sometimes they seem so far out of reach you lose any motivation or slight interest you had in them. Every year for the past couple of years, I have been creating New Year’s Goals for myself to complete. Every year I get 90% of that list completed.

Goals can be Big or Small. It’s okay to have small goals and it’s okay to be proud of those too. But don’t forget to push yourself and climb higher. Here is my list I created for this year:

  • Go to California in the summer
  • Go to the gym
  • Go back to school
  • Get a tattoo (go to tattoo fair in August 13)
  • Plan for my 21st birthday (las vegas, six flags, new york)
  • Go to a drive-in movie theater (valentine’s day)
  • Go to a lighthouse
  • Go horseback riding
  • Hang out with Mike’s family more often and have him hangout with mine
  • Cook more
  • Play Guitar
  • Paintball fighting with friends
  • Camping
  • Go to Key West
  • Have two jobs
  • Put contacts on
  • Get a new purse
  • Dye my hair
  • Get the humidifier/incense
  • New clothes
  • Participate in an escape room (mike’s birthday)
  • Get an xbox one ($300)
  • Invest

Be Proud of the Little Ones. As you can see, there is already a few I have completed. There are a couple goals that seem very “normal” but in reality they are “attainable”. The purpose is not to discourage yourself. Scratching an idea off your list is like removing it from your head and now you no longer have to place extra ENERGY or EFFORT in dwelling on it.

> In my relationship, I realized I find it satisfying to see my man get to something that we have been thinking of for a while. For instance, we have been talking about getting him new pants for work. When we finally got them, I felt happy because now we no longer felt that need to get it done and he got what he wanted.


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