Feb. 14th: Ideas for ANYONE

If you are hard working but enjoy your space and your life, then why not enjoy these ideas picked out for February 14th.

For Him.

  • Order a very Fattening Pizza or a Greasy Burger. I know guys can eat. NoImage result for a man working out gif guilt, no regrets. Order something really fattening and chill
  • Go out for Beers with the Guys. For those who want to go out.
  • Play some Video Games. Go home, get comfy and play video games. I know how it is with guys and their video games.
  • Watch an awesome Movie/Documentary. There are some really good movies I haven’t had the time to watch. If you’re the type that is into documentaries, go for it.
  • Go to the Gym. Get that good feeling after working out and sweating it at the gym.
  • Watch Anime. If you are that kind of person, maybe the newest episode came out and you have yet to see it. You probably just want to catch up with your episodes of Naruto.
  • Work on Your Car. A lot of guys find it cool and relaxing to work on their cars.



For Her.

  • Take a Bubble Bath. Take a visit to Lush and look at their variety or make your own.

  • Go to Teavanna. Teavanna has an awesome selection of teas. On a daily basis I like to completely unwind myself. They can be good for your health and soothing.Image result for 50 shades Darker february 14
  • Wine & a Movie. Valentine’s Day lands on a Tuesday. Go home and pour yourself some wine. You worked hard and just enjoy your favorite movie.
  • Go to a Club with your friends. Feeling restless? Go out and have fun. They have specials on different days of the weeks for the ladies anyways.
  • Get a Mani/Pedi with your girls. Gotta stay on fleek.
  • Movie Night. Invite the girls. 50 Shades Darker is coming out soon.
  • Cook a Bomb A** Meal. Snap a picture and show off your skills.
  • Shopping. Victoria Secret has been having some really good deals.


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