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I love having new experiences. Honestly, things have kind of been getting old and boring lately. Ever since I moved closer to school, I can’t seem to really get fixated on anything. I use to love baking, anime, korean dramas, DIY videos. That is why I have been trying different things and getting that rush from new experiences.

This weekend, my sister scheduled us for some facials which was suppose to be my Christmas/Birthday Gift. Mind you my birthday falls on January 3rd. Nonetheless, we met up at the place and as soon as I walked in I was instantly excited.

Excited because I noticed they had an aroma diffuser which I actually want for myself. The Image result for aroma diffuseratmosphere was quiet, relaxing and pleasant. After filling out some information, they took me to a room which was dimly lit and the whole while instrumental/nature sounds played in the background. The people were really nice and didn’t mind explaining the procedure to a newbie like me. I get stressed very easily and I’m always rushing so it felt so great to just lay there and focus on the music and the smells. After the facial, I was asked for my choice of beverage and (because I’m not legally allowed to drink yet) I settled for the herbal tea.

Image result for pampering yourselfI would recommend anyone and everyone to get a massage. It doesn’t have to be a facial. Take a day to pamper yourself. Take advantage that Valentine’s Day is coming up so pamper yourself. It’s good to take time and love yourself and your body.

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