Life’s Wake Up Call

I’ve had too much to do this weekend that I didn’t have time to study.

This weekend I heard of a person who was going to move into a shed. My parents were able to install some electricity/air conditioning but the bathroom was still not finished. The person’s parent had died and he was living with his sister paying $500 then she jumped it to $800 the next month. He couldn’t afford it. Now he has had to resort to living in a shed with no bathroom to do his necessities. The boy is only 18.

My parents are helping him in some way. They helped build the whole shed and the person who owns it won’t charge him until November. But no matter what, how can anyone hear this and not feel like their heart has broken a little? To know that this happens to ordinary people and even worse sometimes. I am lucky for all the I have been given. Even though I am in a place where I don’t know what to believe in (God or good). I just hope that this boy’s future will be better.

Its moments like these where you have to look at your life and stop blaming the world and realize that your life is not as bad as it seems. That you can pick yourself up and keep going. I know someone who is affected by cancer and he wakes up extra early every morning and he comes to work so that he can leave early for his treatments. I know that this post isn’t going to have tags but if you are reading this I hope you take this as a wake up call. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Its okay to be stressed or sad or angry at your problems but don’t let it consume you. This goes for me as well.

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