Good Things~ Week 09/16/2016

I decided to do these weekly.

I was able to connect to a lot of friends this week. Progress!

It’s hard to explain but knowing that you have people there feels amazing. Even if its family or if its friends.

I was able to get some boxes for moving.

An ex co worker/ friend of mine helped me out this week from the kindness of her heart and that was truly awesome.

I spent some time with my mom and my sister.

I bought a new case for my macbook and I bought myself my only pair of earring I have right now. ( I might post a picture of both next week)

I get to save this paycheck 🙂

I bought my sister’s baby shower gift.

I am starting part-time this Monday.

I found out that Yankee Candle helps with non-profit fundraising.

I am helping a friend create her Facebook account. 😮

There was a lot of good this week. I’m not going to tag these posts btw.



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