Squeezing Love in a Life of Obstacles

I finally feel at ease. I am positive my sister and I are going to be okay and things are getting fixed.

But I am starting to like someone a lot and I don’t want things to mess up. He is really different but it’s a good thing. I want to take things slow for many reasons, but just seeing him makes me want to forget all the reasons. I will stick by it and I hope God has put him in my life to stay.

I’m going through withdrawal. He is sleeping and I’m up and all I’m wishing for is for him to wake up or for the next day to come so I can hear his voice.

If I were to summarize the thoughts or wants in my had for where this is going, it would be:

  • Take it slow
  • Prioritize
  • Get to know him more
  • Know your worth
  • Help each other mutually
  • Want to improve

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