🍁 Inspirationz and My Life 🍁

I’ve have been searching for apartments and trust me it has been a long journey to find the apartment that’s right for my sister and I. Unfortunately, we were so eager that we ended up falling into an agreement that says we have to pay $3,700 in order to move in. That is more than we imagined and my car broke down before jury duty and I don’t have that kind of money to be spending to fix it right now. We even had to ask for loans from people so my sister and I have been crying since we found out. So much more has been going on. After doing calculations, we won’t be able to even buy a popsicle from the gas station.

In order for me to collect money I will be selling candles. But besides this problem, I really wanted to set up this candle selling business ad now I have real motivation. I really want to see it grow so if you would like to purchase my candles please comment below.

fll candle

 orange candle 2

Thank you


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