Beauty 101: Water 🏊🌊 Part 2

  • Fluid Balance. Most of your body is made up of water. Drinking water helps keep the fluid in your body in balance which as a result helps transport nutrients, regulates body temperature, digest food and more.

  • Weight Loss. Water is a great substitute to a sugary beverage in your diet. It helps to lose weight and helps keep you full.
  • Energy. Water helps give you a boost of energy. Now that it’s incredibly hot outside and you can’t help but sweat like a pig, carrying an ice cold bottle of water will help you get through the heat. It’s a great way to make up for all the sweat released.

  • Kidneys and Digestion. Drinking water helps clean out your kidneys from the bad toxins and waste, it’s your body’s filter. Normally when you have a dirty filter you buy a new one and dispose the bad one…well you only have these so take care of them. Water also helps the digesting and breaking down of food as well as green tea.,,20396298_3,00.html


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