Beauty 101: Water 🌊🏊 Part 1/2

The Wonderful World of Water (For Men and Women)


* Showers: Water and soap helps you keep good hygiene. Cold showers are said to be better than hot showers because they don’t cause your skin to dry out as much and it also prevent taking out all the good stuff in your hair. But hot shower loosen your muscles and helps you relax as well as helps with relieving pains (even cramps). You choose. 🙂


Swimming: Swimming is a good form of exercise. Yes the chlorine or salt may seem damaging to your hair but it is said that rinsing your hair with water before diving in and/or treating it with a leave-in conditioner after, helps prevent damage. I just leave regular conditioner for just a bit longer than usual.


* Facial: Drinking water hydrates your skin and in fact makes it look healthy. It prevents it from looking wrinkly, rough and dry. Occasionally, my face feels heavy or oily when I get home from being out. Normally it’s my nose, my forehead and where I put the most product (even if it’s just a bit) which in my case are my eyes because I have serious dark under eyes. Therefore, I sometimes wash my face twice a day. It has helped me a lot. I also wash my face after washing dishes because it feels gross. The steam from the hot water opens your pores so I believe its a good time to wash your face. This will help prevent friendly pimples from visiting.

> Washing your face more than once a day may not suit everyone because everyone has different types of skin. It’s better for oily skin. I will publish a post on determining what type of skin you have, next time. <


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