Inbox Dollars

So I was just thinking yesterday about how I have to go to Uni yet I feel like my job isn’t paying me enough and I wanted to search for a second job. But I found this website that my sister also uses. It’s called Inbox Dollars and its really great.

They give you $5 just for registering and give you simple starting off tasks to earn money.

They have offers, surveys, and games that pay you. Just by opening an email and confirming you received it, gives you coins. They also have a search engine that pays you a penny every time you search but accumulating everything, you can earn a decent amount.

What’s the catch? The catch is you can’t redeem the money until it adds up to $30 which is not bad because I started yesterday and I already have $7.

I’m a tight penny pincher therefore $30 could be my spending money for almost 2 1/2 weeks. Then I could put the rest in my savings. It’ll help me from overdoing it sometimes and spending more than I need to


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