Checklist: Camping 🎒

Camping was fun and enlightening.



But a lot happened. Could someone restore my faith? I am starting to lean away from church.

Girls were kissing guys even though they weren’t single, the were leaders acting like kids and there was jealousy on my part. I spoke to my ex about my jealousy about a certain girl getting the attention of everyone (we are still bff’s) and how it affected me a lot. I told him I prayed and that I realized that I shouldn’t be jealous because I am Hena and Hena is a pretty cool person and that I should be happy the other girl is having friends and that I should just be happy she is a good person. I told him camp helped me a lot. I told him that I was not AS jealous anymore but she keeps popping up and I was wondering what I could change about myself. That is when he attacked. By the way, this was the first time I brought it up. He told me angrily that I needed to change. I said “excuse me I asked what I needed to change”. He tried to cover it up but I asked him to repeat himself. And he repeated it. So I hung up. He yelled at me like if I had said something horrible about the girl and like he was defending her. There was no offending and there shouldn’t have been any picking sides because I am not saying I don’t like her. I was hurt because I was looking or help and advise and he told me I needed to change. Like if I were a horrible person and I needed to be more like the other girl…like if I weren’t insecure enough he added kindle to the fire. He said heirs sorry that but what was said was said.

He also got mad was because I mentioned that the leader (which I have been having problems with but we are at a good standing right now) was commenting on a old post the other girl had made. I told him that that’s what caused me to think that I need to change. Because people are so on top of her they are going through her old posts. My ex tried justifying that an old post probably showed up on his Wall. Yeah right, the last time I posted was January. Do you think my post will show up on your wall? Let’s be logical here. Anyways, the leader commented saying that HE was suppose to go have sushi with them but they went without him. That was followed by a comment by his wife telling him to calm down it was an old post. I don’t care what he does or doesn’t do. I just want to know the secret to having good friends. I know I know, Jesus should be enough right? It just hard.


Beauty 101: Types of Skin

What skin type do you have?






I will post another video next time to help you again if this one didn’t.

Beauty 101: Water 🏊🌊 Part 2

  • Fluid Balance. Most of your body is made up of water. Drinking water helps keep the fluid in your body in balance which as a result helps transport nutrients, regulates body temperature, digest food and more.

  • Weight Loss. Water is a great substitute to a sugary beverage in your diet. It helps to lose weight and helps keep you full.
  • Energy. Water helps give you a boost of energy. Now that it’s incredibly hot outside and you can’t help but sweat like a pig, carrying an ice cold bottle of water will help you get through the heat. It’s a great way to make up for all the sweat released.

  • Kidneys and Digestion. Drinking water helps clean out your kidneys from the bad toxins and waste, it’s your body’s filter. Normally when you have a dirty filter you buy a new one and dispose the bad one…well you only have these so take care of them. Water also helps the digesting and breaking down of food as well as green tea.,,20396298_3,00.html

Motivational Wall: Say “Yes”

Yesterday was my friend’s birthday and I also had plans on eating at a Korean restaurant with another friend before that.

I woke up late and asked for a rain check on the Korean restaurant plans. To be honest I wasn’t up for it. To be honest I haven’t been “up for it” for many things. But I needed to go to my friend’s birthday surprise. I had been losing contact with several close friends now a days.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self discipline” – 2 Timothy 1:7

I’m still trying to apply this to my life. Basically, don’t let your fear stop you from getting great opportunities. I like to dwell in the “what if’s” and the bad outcome seems to overpower everything. But if you always feared that you’d get hurt by going outside, then you’d never walk out your door. When the truth is you can get hurt even in your home (not to sound scary or anything). If that didn’t make sense then think of it as getting out of your shell.

Beauty 101: Water 🌊🏊 Part 1/2

The Wonderful World of Water (For Men and Women)


* Showers: Water and soap helps you keep good hygiene. Cold showers are said to be better than hot showers because they don’t cause your skin to dry out as much and it also prevent taking out all the good stuff in your hair. But hot shower loosen your muscles and helps you relax as well as helps with relieving pains (even cramps). You choose. 🙂


* Swimming: Swimming is a good form of exercise. Yes the chlorine or salt may seem damaging to your hair but it is said that rinsing your hair with water before diving in and/or treating it with a leave-in conditioner after, helps prevent damage. I just leave regular conditioner for just a bit longer than usual.


* Facial: Drinking water hydrates your skin and in fact makes it look healthy. It prevents it from looking wrinkly, rough and dry. Occasionally, my face feels heavy or oily when I get home from being out. Normally it’s my nose, my forehead and where I put the most product (even if it’s just a bit) which in my case are my eyes because I have serious dark under eyes. Therefore, I sometimes wash my face twice a day. It has helped me a lot. I also wash my face after washing dishes because it feels gross. The steam from the hot water opens your pores so I believe its a good time to wash your face. This will help prevent friendly pimples from visiting.

> Washing your face more than once a day may not suit everyone because everyone has different types of skin. It’s better for oily skin. I will publish a post on determining what type of skin you have, next time. <

Inbox Dollars

So I was just thinking yesterday about how I have to go to Uni yet I feel like my job isn’t paying me enough and I wanted to search for a second job. But I found this website that my sister also uses. It’s called Inbox Dollars and its really great.

They give you $5 just for registering and give you simple starting off tasks to earn money.

They have offers, surveys, and games that pay you. Just by opening an email and confirming you received it, gives you coins. They also have a search engine that pays you a penny every time you search but accumulating everything, you can earn a decent amount.

What’s the catch? The catch is you can’t redeem the money until it adds up to $30 which is not bad because I started yesterday and I already have $7.

I’m a tight penny pincher therefore $30 could be my spending money for almost 2 1/2 weeks. Then I could put the rest in my savings. It’ll help me from overdoing it sometimes and spending more than I need to

Cherishing Family, Ant Man and Cannoli

I was able to hang out with my brother today again.

My sister finally decided to spent time with him. Today was also the day he had to go back to his dad’s house.

We went to go see Ant Man which was really good. I’m not going to spoil anything.

It feels good hanging out with family. it brings a sense of peace to me and its best that we also have your space because we can drive each other nuts. My parents also bought me new windshield wipers and the stuff to repair my timing belt.

I kind of want to learn how to make cannoli’s. But I’m not going to buy myself anything until my next paycheck. This camping trip and car insurance bill is killing me.

But I do need to stick with what I want or need to do so I’m going to write things on my calendar. Tip: Calendars are helpful.