Trying to organize my life

Life is getting Complicated.

* What do you when the person you trust the most and listens to u is the one you need to break up with? I tried making friends and trusting In others but its just so hard to find that quality in someone.

* I also am terrified that I wont be able to go to school this term. I still have a lot of questions to ask.

* I’m also kind of losing it. I feel like I haven’t found my purpose and without goals my life is a bit meaningless right now. I know that there are people who are like ” don’t say that of course you have a purpose”. Yes, I know I do but I just don’t know what it is. I am feeling really sad all the time for different reasons but I’m trying to enjoy the little things

* It doesn’t help that the leaders of my church are being bad examples an are also causing my confusion.

* I need to place goals and achieve them so that I can survive. I also need to enjoy the little things a little more.


* working on a friend’s wedding

* being the pro at makeup

* Continue learning Korean

* Learn to bake new desserts

* read Tuesdays with Morrie

* Ask questions about Uni


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