Getting the most out of my Relationship Break

I have been having problems with my boyfriend and we came to an agreement yesterday that we needed a break.

Now what happens when your not suppose to talk to the only person you truly speak to everyday?

You find things to do and you have more me time. At least that is the conclusion I came too.

I am going to rebuild friendships and start new ones. After praying for days about God’s plans for me, I feel like I should be of help and I guess he has given me this opportunity to do it.

This break has also given me some “me” time. I can focus on what “I” want. For example, I’m planning on buying some stuff to make strawberry swiss cake (I’ll post the recipe soon). I also finally ordered the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I also know that God is with me an he loves me and I can have more me and Him time.

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