๐ŸŽˆ New Years and Birthday Plan ๐ŸŽ‚

New Years was a success!

I got the party hats and noisemakers, I made the banner, piรฑata, and two coconut crรจme pies.

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m finally going to be 18. I really wanted to do something hat I was going to remember forever. I’m no sure if this is quite it but this could probably give you ideas or help budgeting.


* Get free breakfast at Denny’s or IHOP wit my mom (since it’s her birthday too). ($0)

* Go to the Mall to Piercing Pagoda to get my ears finally pierced. ($28)

*ย Drop off some job applications. ($0)

* I’ll come back home and bake my mom a cake ( I am trying to be good at baking). ($0)

* From 3-5 pm. I will go bowling with a group of 7-8 friends they are each bringing $10 to chip in. I already put a $25 deposit. They are giving us our deposit back if we leave the place clean. Therefore, I’m getting $15 or $18 dollars and the rest is for Andy. (Spend: $7-10 Receive: $15-18)

[Covers buying my pet shampoo and to pay my Internet)

* I’m either going to the gun range after or I am going to eat dinner with my parents. I’m also getting free ice cream from Baskin Robbins or from DQ. ($0)

Total Spent = $35-38

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