Winter Birthday Idea

Hey guys,

Originally this was suppose to be for my birthday but I thought it would be pretty cool if others could do it too.

For the winter babies,

Option 1: buy a pack of Ball mason jar cups and


* place cake in them (I mean it IS your birthday)

* make sleeves for them and pour some hot cocoa.

images (2) imagesOOCMENBP

Ball Mason Jars have been trending due to the many DIY projects you can make with them. Its almost like a goodie bag they are taking home.

* The were recently selling the at Target at 9.99 for a 12 pack

Option 2: If you don’t Ike the mason jar idea or you can’t find them for cheap. You can buy regular solid white mugs for $1 and a decoart glass painting marker at Michaels for 3.99. Then you just decorate the outside and bake them and hand them to your friends. You could also place in cake or hot cocoa.

imagesCPP7LEJ9 untitled (2)

For the setting:

* You can go Ice Skating

* You can have a Bon Fire

* Tea Party

* Horseback Riding

* Motorbike Racing

Or if you’d like something indoors if its really chilly outside.


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