It’s Officially Autumn!


Hey guys,

I’m really excited that its autumn already even though you can’t really tell the change here in Florida.

But I bought a new candle for fall. It’s called Candied Caramel Pecan.

I have yet to light it.

I decided to clean up my nails and use a good color for autumn. I’m using this brownish pink color called Vacation Time by Sinful color. I get scared that the nail polish will be too watery, or cracked or something but this is my favorite color for fall.



2 thoughts on “It’s Officially Autumn!

    • henahasan says:

      I decided to actually look up what the color of my nail polish could probably be and it’s closest to a cedar chest color apparently so that might be my favorite fall color. Anyways colors like burnt orange and earth yellow as well as brownish colors remind me of fall. The colors seem really chill and reminds me of cabins and being all comfortable. What about you?

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