🍻 Food, Food and more Food 🍞

I just want to start by saying I finally published the PHP Project Page. So you should definitely check that out.

I asked my boyfriend, Andy, to sign up to volunteer with me at an organization called

So today he had to get up nice and early in the morning so we could help out.

Here he is when we got out.

my bf volunteering

I really enjoy volunteering, its something that I would do as a career. If only it paid well.

Therefore, I wanted my wonderful cooperative boyfriend to take part in it at least once :). I hope to get really involved with Feeding South Florida. They seem like a legit place that really intends on helping people.

It feels so good to know that with your help you’re changing lives. Volunteering is not necessarily always in an organization. You get such a positive feeling and I would recommend it to anyone. It was truly a great way to start my day. After all, I had to go to the doctors that day.

This was their orientation video. This will let you know a little about them.


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