Double DIY Day

Hey there,

Well because I’m posting a lot of beauty stuff lately I might as well post some DIY’s to go with it

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

diy brush holder 

Thing you will need:

– Jar

– Beads

The beads can be substituted with marbles, pearl beads, sand, etc.

~ These Jars can be purchased at Dollar General for $1. You can buy the beads at Walmart, Target of Michaels.

I ran out of yellow beads so I added some flowers to keeps the brushes standing. If I could do anything differently I’d change the yellow beads with pearl looking ones to match the flowers. It’s important to fill the jar with enough beads or items to hold up the brushes

If you are really crafty, here is another DIY my mother thought of the other day:

Liquid Eyeliner Brush into Nail Art Brush

~ You can just recycle that old thin eyeliner brush and instead use it to make perfect nail art designs. TIP: You can also use the bottle to add some nail polish color that you would like to use for the design.


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