The stress is getting to me

Hey guys, I’ve been kind of stressed out lately.

I actually decided to make this posts because I’m worrying too much about whether you guys will like my new posts.

This summer I was trying to get ahead and do volunteer hours, scholarship applications and study for the SAT/ACT Test.

I tried finding volunteer positions that dealt with psychology (my major). I tried Best Buddies, Feeding South Florida, and the Human Services Department of my city.

But this summer I realized that the harder I work the less likely it will happen which frustrates me. It makes me feel like I won’t be able to accomplish much in life.

Luckily, Feeding South Florida is easy-going and I am able to volunteer there.  

Another thing is that, I’m constantly being thrown comments that I won’t be able to find a job in Psychology. It troubles me to say that it might be kind of true. I’ve tried doing research but I feel like I’m still at square one. In the end of the day, I really like psychology…I like helping people emotionally and mentally.


But I feel really lost and I wish senior year could be so much easier.


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