My Birthday!

Hey guys,

I was all caught up in Christmas that I forgot it’s my birthday on January 3rd

I’m as excited as this baby…

just kidding…

I can’t top this kid’s excitement.

I’m turning 17!

I’m posting a recipe soon. 


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!

I am already packing to go to Universal Studios soon.

My friend is starting up a  Channel so when she posts the video I will post the link.

But before I go on my trip I have to pass by forever 21 and get some clothes.

* A knit crop 

* some cute socks

* these boots

What did you guys get for Christmas? ^-^

~December Update~

Hey there

there is only 5 days until Christmas

so make sure you have all your Christmas shopping done.

I think that it’s because I live in Florida that this Christmas isn’t

going to be very …Christmas-y.

It’s really hot most days and there is hardly any decoration out.

Well in my previous post I wrote about learning things. So I’ve been trying to learn how to dance. I’m deciding to learn how to dance Korean (if that makes sense). My legs are actually sore right now because my everyday physical activity consists of getting from one class to another on time. 🙂


I’m also learning how to cook. But I also want to learn how to speak Korean.

Talking about Korean, there is a new drama called “Love from another star” the second episode came out yesterday and its really good. I recommend it ^_-

That’s all for now. Bye Guys.