Fall Ideas

Hey guys!

I posted “Fall Ideas” on my Pinterest to help you guys out. ^_-


I even started posting for winter if you guys would rather stick to that. But don’t worry I will be posting for fall ideas.

My video will be uploaded this week and hopefully the store will too.

But for now I will teach you the basics for making

Chocolate Apples


* Strong wooden skewers or popsicle sticks ( I prefer popsicle sticks)

* Granny Smith apples or Red Delicious apples (either one if fine depending on your taste)

* Chocolate

* Wax paper

* Nuts, Caramel, White Chocolate (optional)

1) Prepare your apples by washing them and pushing the popsicle sticks or skewers down the middle of the apple, starting from the top. Then lightly grease your wax paper to place the apple on them when done.

2) Put the chocolate to melt on the stove. Try to stay away from the microwavable tubs it didn’t work for me.

3) Once the chocolate has turned liquid yet thick, lower the temperature and careful dip and twist the apples to cover them completely.

4) Twirl them around a bit so they can air dry and won’t have a funny shape at the bottom.

5) Before they dry completely you can add nuts so they stick with the chocolate. Then do the same for all the apples.

6) Place it on thinly greased wax paper and then place them in the fridge.


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