My new realization.

I think I need to learn how to do things to give me life a bit of meaning so I was wondering if you guys had suggestions on things. You guys can help me out.

 I started my list:

* learn Korean

 <– Lee Min Ho is the hottest ♥


* learn mandarin

* learn how to bake well (maybe start my own business)


* learn piano

* learn how to dance


* learn how to sing

* learn how to take pictures (one day become photographer)

* learn how to do nails (future career)

* learn how to do hair (future career)


October Thought

Hey guys,

I said I was going to post a video and I will tomorrow.

But for now I wanted to share 3 thoughts.

1) I was in class and we were discussing whether “Knowing a lot is good or bad?” or something to that matter.

Things to think about: If knowledge lands in the wrong hands than there will be a lot of wrong happening. If knowledge goes to the right hands then they can lead a prosperous future or the last alternative is that nothing be done. You can compare it to a presidency. Now putting this neutral thought in your mind, do you think its pro or con?

2) Love? What is the meaning of “love” and what does it signify for each gender?

Things to think about; I’ve been given a lot of advice on this. But the overall advice to me is  ” Be an independent woman because men won’t last forever. If you do fall for a man make sure you don’t give him your all. Make him the one falling for you because guys are more likely to leave you. Play hard to get” with that said, is love a game or is it something that should be natural?


3) When a lot of negative things are going on in your life and you keep asking yourself “why”?

Things to think about: It is perfectly okay to cry but once you cry let it go and think of ways to fix it. Try to stay “you” during all this and learn to appreciate things more. Being in control of your life will give you a great satisfaction. Psychology term: Learned hopelessness- which means that you aren’t in control of your life and soon get hopeless and fall in depression. That is why the elderly should participate in hobbies or activities that give them a purpose or sense of control.


Fall Ideas

Hey guys!

I posted “Fall Ideas” on my Pinterest to help you guys out. ^_-


I even started posting for winter if you guys would rather stick to that. But don’t worry I will be posting for fall ideas.

My video will be uploaded this week and hopefully the store will too.

But for now I will teach you the basics for making

Chocolate Apples


* Strong wooden skewers or popsicle sticks ( I prefer popsicle sticks)

* Granny Smith apples or Red Delicious apples (either one if fine depending on your taste)

* Chocolate

* Wax paper

* Nuts, Caramel, White Chocolate (optional)

1) Prepare your apples by washing them and pushing the popsicle sticks or skewers down the middle of the apple, starting from the top. Then lightly grease your wax paper to place the apple on them when done.

2) Put the chocolate to melt on the stove. Try to stay away from the microwavable tubs it didn’t work for me.

3) Once the chocolate has turned liquid yet thick, lower the temperature and careful dip and twist the apples to cover them completely.

4) Twirl them around a bit so they can air dry and won’t have a funny shape at the bottom.

5) Before they dry completely you can add nuts so they stick with the chocolate. Then do the same for all the apples.

6) Place it on thinly greased wax paper and then place them in the fridge.

The Lovely Holiday Season ♥

Hey guys,

I’m a little caught up on school.

I am actually starting up on the online store again and I hope to publish it soon.

I’m going to be selling things for this holiday season.

I am also slowly starting the process of changing my room and decorating so I’m happy about that. 

I hope to start back up on videos and post one this month to be helpful for you guys. 

* October Favorites

* Styles

* Crafts

and more will be included on my video.