September Update!

Alrighty so I was able to post it on Ebay and I am going to put both links down below but you can also go on the Bookstore page on this blog and find it there.

Blue is for Nightmares:

The Clearing:

The next set of books are going to be up soon.

Things to Mention:

* I did a Melting Crayon Art Board for my room which I will be posting a pic of it soon.

* I am going to be making sugar cookies so the recipe will be up soon. I tried finding the best recipe so I hope it’s helpful.

* I’m going to be setting up an Art Club at my new school soon. Wish me luck ♥

* The American Cancer Association didn’t respond and I’m kind of glad because my friend and I don’t go to the same school so we don’t have time to be making gift boxes but I hope we can do it some other time. I have a similar project in my Social Problems class which I will post about soon.

* I will not be making a cupcake costume unfortunately because my hands are kind of full right now.


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