The Incredible Slap on The Face

I got the “famous” keratin treatment done to my hair this weekend so my hair was all nice and straight when I went to school on Monday.

So I got hit on by a college guy ( I know right! But it’s because I’m  doing dual enrollment so there are college students).

Then more people started talking to me and commenting about my hair. I was flattered.

But like a slap in the face I realized that before all this, I felt quite lonely and had a hard time making friends in a sea of smart asses.

Now all of a sudden because I have pretty hair you want to talk to me?

The point you should get about this is that when you “MEN” rant about the fact that us girls care “WAY” to much about our appearance, it should be a given since you guys care about is so much as well. Don’t say all that bull about “oh no, I’m not that shallow”

Anyways, I wish it was like high school where everyone spoke to everyone and weirdness was accepted. :/


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