Yummy Treat! Mug Brownies ♥

Hey guys,

I was going to put up a post for sugar cookies but in the meantime I thought I would show you a yummy and easy treat.

Do you like brownies?

Mug Brownie

What you need:

* sugar

* flour

* salt


* canola/vegetable oil

* vanilla extract

* cocoa powder

For complete recipe and instructions go to these sites: 

– http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/brownie_in_a_mug/

– http://www.chow.com/recipes/14253-microwave-chocolate-mug-brownie

– http://www.food.com/recipe/microwave-chocolate-mug-brownie-349246


September Update!

Alrighty so I was able to post it on Ebay and I am going to put both links down below but you can also go on the Bookstore page on this blog and find it there.

Blue is for Nightmares: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121181478385

The Clearing: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121181513974

The next set of books are going to be up soon.

Things to Mention:

* I did a Melting Crayon Art Board for my room which I will be posting a pic of it soon.

* I am going to be making sugar cookies so the recipe will be up soon. I tried finding the best recipe so I hope it’s helpful.

* I’m going to be setting up an Art Club at my new school soon. Wish me luck ♥

* The American Cancer Association didn’t respond and I’m kind of glad because my friend and I don’t go to the same school so we don’t have time to be making gift boxes but I hope we can do it some other time. I have a similar project in my Social Problems class which I will post about soon.

* I will not be making a cupcake costume unfortunately because my hands are kind of full right now.


Hey Guys!

I will be posting my books on the BookStore page but I cannot have an online store here in WordPress because it cost more to have one than what I’m earning anyways.

1) I will post some books on the BookStore –> you can see it and read the back cover summary.

2) In 2 days, I will post an Ebay link. (Why did you use Ebay? Because we can ALL use paypal which means its extra safe and everything is easy to control.)

3) If you are interested than please buy my books and be their new owners and love and read em ♥

4) As soon as the Ebay link goes up, I will be starting to post more books up. ^-^

The Incredible Slap on The Face

I got the “famous” keratin treatment done to my hair this weekend so my hair was all nice and straight when I went to school on Monday.

So I got hit on by a college guy ( I know right! But it’s because I’m  doing dual enrollment so there are college students).

Then more people started talking to me and commenting about my hair. I was flattered.

But like a slap in the face I realized that before all this, I felt quite lonely and had a hard time making friends in a sea of smart asses.

Now all of a sudden because I have pretty hair you want to talk to me?

The point you should get about this is that when you “MEN” rant about the fact that us girls care “WAY” to much about our appearance, it should be a given since you guys care about is so much as well. Don’t say all that bull about “oh no, I’m not that shallow”

Anyways, I wish it was like high school where everyone spoke to everyone and weirdness was accepted. :/

I’m So Sorry

Hey Guys, 

I’m so sorry for not posting my books yet as I promised, I haven’t have internet in weeks. I will be posting my books now and my friend told me how I can send it to you guys for 2-3 dollars shipping. 

Books and Costume Update!

I told you I was going to be posting the books on the tab so that you guys could buy but I still have to do a bit of research.

It costs about 40 dollars to ship a book to California and I don’t think that’s fair so I am investigating. I will post them soon.

If you guys have any book suggestions that I should read, post it below. I think I’m going to start reading “The fault in our stars” by John Green.

I will also get started on making a draft for my cupcake costume.