Hair and Crafts- July 31, 2013

Dear WordPress users,

Today’s craft is…

Ribbon Bracelets

Ribbon bracelet

The pictures are pretty self explanatory but all you basically have to do is:

1) buy a colour or pattern of ribbon that you like.

2) Buy some beads that would look nice with it. If you like the ones that above just buy the blue colored ribbon and the golden beads.

3) But the piece of elastic or the kind that are normally found for jewelry in the needle as if it were thread.

4) Make an end of the ribbon look like a loop and make the needle go through both parts and then the bead. keep following this pattern.

5) when done just tie a not on each end tightening the beads with still some ribbon left to tie it around your wrist,


Alright so I have pretty damaged hair. I’m not sure when it started but all i know is that after dying it and bleaching it so much my hair has stopped growing and is looking pretty bad. So here is my plan after watching some pretty helpful videos and I would recommend it for everyone.

* buy a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer

* buy a deep conditioner

* buy shampoos or conditioners that are sulfate free

* trim the ends of your hair regularly. I didn’t want to because I don’t want to make my hair shorter but I am going to still try.

* if you blow dry or apply heat to your hair often then buy a heat protector.

* Make sure your gels, mousse or other hair things don’t have alcohol

* try using egg, oil and/or mayo treatments at least once a month



♥ Hena ♥

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