June 9, 2013

Dear WordPress users,

I’ll start by saying that I’ve still yet to find a word to describe my mother. My sister didn’t even want to invite my mom to her wedding but she somehow did. My mother ended up saying that she wasn’t going to be able to go anyways so my sister asked for no reason. I mean what mother wouldn’t try her best to be at her daughter’s wedding? Anyways I’m going no matter what. We’ve never really had a close relationship.

Today as I was watching re-runs of Sex and the City, I was wondering at what age do you feel normal watching sex scenes with your parents next to you? I’m 16 and I’m a little uncomfortable. Not too long ago, my immediate reflex to stuff like that was “eww”, when I was by my mom. I also noticed that my sister may be basing her life out of this show and I don’t think that’s healthy. Right?

Anyways, my sister took me to a church today. I don’t ever go to church and it has always been that way. It was strange. I’m going to be trying a different church when I get back from Connecticut. By the way the whole reason we went was because my grandfather has cancer and they were going to take out the tumor but it was a risky procedure and we haven’t heard any news yet. >.<”

I will be writing down stuff for Father’s day ideas today.


Hena ♥

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