June 6, 2013

Dear WordPress users,

I am back. I kind of felt bad about what I wrote to you last time. But everything is settled. What have you been up to?

I moved in my new house already. Let me tell you…this house was disgusting! What a way of leaving a house. When I went to look at it a while ago the place was filthy and I couldn’t see anything besides the 6 dead cockroaches. When we moved in we found 2 used condoms, a syringe (probably for meth) and I don’t know what else. I seriously didn’t understand why my mom wanted this house. But when we got the cleaning and repairing done, the house looked pretty nice. It’s spacious, had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom,  a big back yard for Hershey (my doggie ^-^) and one of the tubs had jets like a Jacuzzi.

I am decorating my room. It’s going to be mainly red and white. If you have any suggestions please write back.

Yesterday was my last day of school! Didn’t even feel like it though.

It’s Father’s Day soon so I am going to be posting some ideas later. I will also be leaving for Connecticut June 13th-June 20th.

I should post some more helpful stuff for you guys on the blog.

I was talking to my mom’s boyfriend and I found out that he is really crafty. He’s made a shit load of nice things just out of popsicle sticks. He’s made a small scale model of cars with seats and everything, and he’s made a pretty big house with stairs and windows that moved up and down. I think that’s pretty impressive. Normally I don’t get close to my mom’s boyfriends because they are always gone no later than 6 months but I think he will stay with us for a while so I’ll give it a try.

Again if you guys have any suggestion for books please comment.


Hena ♥


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