May 22, 2013

I saw that some people liked my post and I got some followers so I thought I’ll continue writing.

Dear WordPress users,

I’ve been so bored out of my mind, I was on my bed rubbing my legs together and complaining. I blame it on mood swings. Anyways! I am going to be moving soon so I am looking at houses.

I was wondering if you guys had any embarrassing bathroom stories. I know that for girls AND boys it’s quite embarrassing at times. I’ll tell you 2 that happens to girls. 1) When girls are on their period and they have to quietly change their pads because it’s not something you really want to announce to all the girls. IT’S SO LOUD! What’s worse is when you realize your bathroom doesn’t have those little trash cans where you dispose your “waste”. So you have to go through the trouble of getting out and walking across the bathroom to throw it in the trashcan. 2) When you have to take a dump. We try to make sure they don’t hear the *plop* and the smell. It’s really embarrassing. Then you have those girls that as soon as they smell it they yell “DAMN SOMEONE IS TAKING A SHIT BECAUSE IT STANK”. -____-

Oh and I really like this book my friend gave me for my birthday called The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks…you know…the one who wrote the Notebook (Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams) and Dear John (Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried) and A Walk to Remember (Shane West and Mandy Moore).I’m sure one of you guys likes reading. It would be great if you guys could suggest some books or stuff to do or just comment whatever you want.

the best of me

What’s a nice way to tell your boyfriend that you think they don’t sing well? Everyone you know tells you it and you agree but you don’t want to hurt their feelings and it is bothering you so much. Well my bf doesn’t like it when I say “nevermind” so I let it out yesterday and he is very mad at me. I have been thinking on whether to tell him or not and it was really bugging me. I don’t want him to stop singing to me. I don’t know if I did the right thing or if I just should of made up something to cover that “nevermind”. I hope that made sense.

I’ll write soon, ♥


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