A story? About me?

An hour ago I called my boyfriend telling him that I was really bored and I didn’t know what to do. He suggested I write a book. But I don’t like writing books because I’m too impatient to find out the ending. He said I should write on my blog about my life and let it help me write a book.  He said I like talking a lot….about my day -__- mhhmmm

Well anyways here I go. I guess I should write it as a letter.


Dear WordPress users,

I called my sister a million times today for her to just text me “I’m sleeping”. I guess that meant I couldn’t come clean her house. No money for Hena. Something I want you guys to know is that my laptop has become my house companion. Sometimes we fight, sometimes it does bullshit to me, sometimes I do it back, but we always put our differences aside and go back to our routines.

I was searching A Capella groups which led me to see Youtube videos on X-Factor performances. My head started hurting at 3 and at 4 I asked my mom if we could go to Michael’s. It was like if I asked her to take me to the airport but then just bring me back home. You’ll find out more about my mother as I write you letters. I was training my dog Hershey and realized why things haven’t been progressing….my mom’s boyfriend is teaching him in Spanish and I’m teaching him in English -______-

Tomorrow I have school. If I had any homework, I didn’t do it.

Lots of Love, ♥


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