Cake Pops


Something delicious and fun to make are cake pops.

cake pops 5

Cake pops

(I am going to make them for my mom for mother’s day)


* Box cake mix (your choice)

* frosting (your choice)

*  sticks

* Styrofoam or craft foam

* Sprinkles (optional)

1) Bake the cake. Buy one of those box mix cakes to make it easier. They are very inexpensive.

2) Roll it into a ball. Once the cake is done and it has cooled off a bit. Roll it into a ball with your hands. Make sure its 3-4 tablespoons, you don’t want them too small!

3) Refrigerate for 2 hours and melt your frosting. Right next to the box mix at the grocery store should be tubs of frosting that are not that expensive either. There are frosting that go with the cake you want. I would choose that one and melt some once the pops have been in the fridge for 2 hours.

4) Dip the sticks into the frosting and push it in the pop then dip the pop into the frosting. Make sure excess frosting drips off before placing them somewhere. Make sure they are straight up.

5) Decorate. Drizzle some frosting on top or sprinkle decoration sprinkles on it if you’d like.




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