Update # 9

Hey guys! I thought it was time to post an update again.

helping teens

* My sister’s friend is creating an organization for teens. She wants to do a lot of activities and stuff to help them. For example, volunteer hours and to better there lives. I thought it was pretty cool and she was really determined. She said ” it’s time for someone to step up and try to make a change”. I’m happy! She wants me to model her t-shirts. I will post more information later.

* I have my AP Psychology exam Monday  -_____- and I will be taking all the other two soon.

* I will be posting more weekend ideas because I want to go out more after exams are done.

* I got in College Academy which is this program where students can get a head start in college and finish their associates degree as well as earn all high school credits and graduate in only 2 years. Wish me luck!

* I wanted to start making beach-like type of bracelets that look kind of like this. BUT FOR GUYS AND GIRLS. sorry these are girl ones.

bracelet 2bracelet

 bracelet 3


* should I make an online store in the future?

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