Day of Silence

 Yesterday was Day of Silence. So I just wanted to post something.

I hope you guys don’t try taking your lives like others have because there is always good that will come.

Ah! There is so much I want to write I don’t know where to start.

1) If you feel lonely like I sometimes do, then have small talk with other people. There are good people everywhere who want to meet someone new.

2) If you don’t feel comfortable at home then get out.

Try talking to your parents, if you can’t then just know you’ll have a few more years years before you leave the house. People who put you down aren’t worth listening to. But people who try helping you and give you advice care and want you to get higher in life. Getting out of the house is a good way to feel more confident and free.

3) If you feel like things aren’t going like you want them to then just sit down and think of different ways to solve your problems. Then be confident about your decision and strive toward it. You have control and can take action in your life.

If you need to talk to me because of anything and don’t want to post it in the comments then you can send me a message on

when you're sad


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