Summer Vacation Idea #3


Snorkeling/Scuba Diving

snorkeling 2

snorkeling 3

scuba diving


BBQ Chicken Wings

BBQ WINGS: Not only are they easy but anyone can eat them. Some people are sensitive to spicy stuff.

BBQ Wings

1) Get each piece of chicken and cut them at the joint. Unless it is pre-cut for you.

2) Wash them well and pat them dry with a paper towel. Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees.

3) season the wings with salt and pepper and add a bit of olive oil

4) Put them in the oven and leave to bake for about 30 minutes.

5) They should be crispy at the top. Then you flip them over.

6) once that side is crispy just add some BBQ sauce and leave for a couple a minutes and do the same to the other side.

7) Turn off the oven and your done! ^-^

This should take less than 1 hr.

I would of taken a picture but they were gone fast.

Newspaper Nails Experiment

So I think I posted before saying that I was really interested in trying nail designs because my hands are in really bad shape.

So I tried newpaper nails and here is how they look…



of course they are not legible because they are backwards and I just tried it to simply see if it worked. so Here is what I did…

1) pick a light color that suits you.

2) paint your nails with a clear base coat to not cause future yellowing of nails

3) paint your nails with the color of your choice

4) cut out strips of newspaper or whatever your going to put on your nails

5) dip you nails on alcohol and press the strip of paper on your nails kind of hard for more than 12 secs. I tried bending the sides down of the paper that were hanging off my nail to have a firmer grip or something

6) I took it off and some paper stuck to my nails so I washed my hands and it didn’t come off so I placed another clear coat on

Here is my advice, use real newspaper or another type of paper because I used pages of an old childrens book.

5-Minute Icecream

Vanilla icecream

I made this when I was younger. It’s really fun, quick and delicious.


* 2 Different sized ziplock bags

* 1/2 cup of milk

* 2 tsp. of sugar

* 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract

* icecubes

*rock salt (you can buy it at your grocery store)

1) Place the 1/2 cup of milk, 2 tsp. of sugar, 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract in the smaller ziplock bag.

2) then place the icecubes and salt in the bigger ziplock bag. Make sure there is a lot of ice.

3) place the smaller ziplock bag with the mix inside the bigger ziplock bag that contains the ice and salt and shake it vigorously.

4) open up the bag with the mix and enjoy! ^-^

Day of Silence

 Yesterday was Day of Silence. So I just wanted to post something.

I hope you guys don’t try taking your lives like others have because there is always good that will come.

Ah! There is so much I want to write I don’t know where to start.

1) If you feel lonely like I sometimes do, then have small talk with other people. There are good people everywhere who want to meet someone new.

2) If you don’t feel comfortable at home then get out.

Try talking to your parents, if you can’t then just know you’ll have a few more years years before you leave the house. People who put you down aren’t worth listening to. But people who try helping you and give you advice care and want you to get higher in life. Getting out of the house is a good way to feel more confident and free.

3) If you feel like things aren’t going like you want them to then just sit down and think of different ways to solve your problems. Then be confident about your decision and strive toward it. You have control and can take action in your life.

If you need to talk to me because of anything and don’t want to post it in the comments then you can send me a message on

when you're sad

Update 8

Alright Alright guys, I’m a horrible person for not posting as I said I would.

* AP Exams are coming up and its becoming stressful

* I’m starting to not have time for anything which is really frustrating.

* I’m having issues. Not being very happy.

* I’m getting very very sleepy, I’m having a lot of headaches and feeling week and dizzy. I think I need to go to the doctor I feel like I’m dieing.

* I want to have time for you guys and help you guys. I hope I’m helping or something.

* I downloaded Google Chrome but it isnt working which is pissing me off. >.<”

* I’m going to buy vitamins and get a dcotor appointment.