Psychology Lesson ~(^-^)~

Have you ever watches old home videos or thought back to when you were little and you realized you have changed a lot and grown?

Well in psychology I learned that as we grow up we start acting the way we think we should and leave the kids stuff behind and start believing how we’re behaving. Although I’m sure there are exceptions to some people. This is part of the reason the Standford Prison Experiment had its results. <– IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE STANDFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT IS THEN I’LL TELL YOU THAT YOU SHOULD LOOK MORE INTO IT, IT’S VERY INTERESTING BUT WATCH/READ WITH DISCRETION. THERE ARE HORRIBLE THINGS ABOUT IT. The college students would act like the way the thought they should and behaved like it and then they believed in it themselves.

That guy that is driving like a maniac may need to take a very serious crap or his wife is popping out a baby at the hospital.


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