Forever 21: 2 Dollar Sale

All these cute things are each 2 dollars in Forever 21. You can go to another store and it will cost you 3 times what it costs here. I’ll post the link under the pictures.

f21 bows

f12 bag 3f21 bagsf12 bag4

f21 socks 2f12 socks

Thats the link

I had to share it with all my beautiful girls from WordPress.


Wall Design in my Room

Alright so I told you guys I was going to post more art things. Here is something I did for my room.

art design 2

art design

Here is what I did.

1) Go to Family Dollar. They should have these mirror music note stickers.

2) buy 2 boards of the color of your preference. I picked white, you could buy it at the same Family Dollar or another dollar store.

3) Pick a picture in where you will stick the music notes. I picked a music score.

4) Draw it. I drew it out but it was really white so I made a black border around it.

5) Stick the music notes on it and put it up. I put it up with the double sided sticky things that are white. But I would suggest something else because they are really strong and it might take off the paint of the walls or if you put them on wrong you can’t take them off again.

It was very cheap. Now what sucks is that I just found out that we are moving soon. >.<

Spring Break!

Hey guys,

Well its spring break. So you guys can go through my Weekend Ideas and find things to do to enjoy your break….

okay…I have to be realistic now…how many people on here reading my posts..ACTUALLY GO TO SCHOOL? I would like to take a poll.


I just thought I should write something about me instead of posting the usual.

Well today I’m going to check out this car for sale. It might be my future car! L(^-^)/ Oh and I went to bayside yesterday and that thing was crazy. The ultra music festival was being held there and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was kind of scary too. On Wednesday, hopefully I can work for my sister and she can pay me so I can raise for spending money on my trip to Connecticut this summer. I’ll be posting more art stuff.

Bye guys!

Update 6

Hello everyone!!! xP

I wanted to make another update because I feel like it’s been a while since I last posted.

* I will be making a superboy pillow case for my boyfriend and I will show you how it looks like and show you the steps so you guys can try it at home. It’s really easy ^-^

* It’s going to be SPRING BREAK!!

* I’m going to start to get my permit

* I will post more weekend ideas and videos. I might also be posting more psych stuff.

* I’m going to be trying to learn how to cook so I will post recipes and if you guys want you can help me out. :s I don’t want to starve!! D:

* I will be having a yard sale soon. I’m trying to save up money.

* My boyfriend came down to Florida for me and I had a great time. We went to the fair and he won me a big doggie \(^///^)/

liam and hena 5forever

The Fairdoggie