Weekend Idea # 9

Cam with your friend who you haven’t spoken with for a while.

  video chatting 2

video chatting 3


Update 5

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven’t been really posted much and what I have posted hasn’t really helped you.

-My head is completely blank

– I had to stay home because I drank too much coffee yesterday and today morning.

I need your suggestions about what to do next?

– I’ve been busy with homework and boring stuff.

~Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples~


* Take her out to a nice restaurant

* Cook him/her’s favourite meal

* Rose petals on the bed and nicely scented candles

* Bouquet

* Bubble bath

* Take her/him on a hot air balloon ( I don’t know where the hot air balloons are…..)

* Take her/him to the place you guys met

* picnic

* sing to him/her

* hiking

* bake some sweets

* go on a trip?

* Go out dancing

* Do some childish things (..no I didn’t say naughty)

* buy her perfume, a handbag, or something she really wanted ( You are safe like this…never buy her house things or you will end up having a shoe up your ass crack)

* for girls: his favourite cologne, “sensual massages” –> idea given to me by my boyfriend, buy him/her favourite bands CD,

* go to the beach at night

love 2

Update 4…

Hey guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much anymore. Things have been hectic.

I just wanted to tell you guys what I have been doing lately and maybe this will help me organize my ideas.

* Well starting off, my bus didn’t show up today..FAIL v.v

* I have to finish my application for NHS (National Honor Society)

* I need to get community service hours

* I need to find help from teacher to finish my job applications

* I need to study for driver’s test

* I will be posting last minute ideas for valentine’s day

* I need money

* I will try to search about things that are around me that I’m oblivious to.