Weekend Idea # 8

Have a BBQ  with your family. Make sure everyone helps out. ^_-




Update # 3?

Sorry guys for not posting things. My computer is acting funny and not letting me log into things. I will try to post as often as I can.

1) I got my puppy and his name is Hershey

2) No his name is not going to be Reese’s because I don’t like peanut butter

3) I’m reading Fallen by Lauren Kate, it’s a fiction book and pretty good. Keeps me entertained

4) I’m trying to apply for jobs but it’s hard because I’m only 16. Wish me luck! ~^-^~

5) I’M LEARNING TO PLAY PIANO! I think I know the basics and I started to learn to play Fireflies by Owl City (a request) and I have a bet that by Friday I’d learn the song. If you guys know like any good sites to learn from, could you suggest me it? I will probably save up for lessons once I get a job.


7) My Grandma is here and she is really nice and we had a barbeque…I’ll post it as a Weekend Idea.

8) I hope your year started off well and remember to keep in mind those resolutions.

I think I’ve lost my mind because I actually WANT to go to school! :/

Weekend idea #6

Watch Korean drama!!!! ^^

Sorry g u y s I’m u s i n g a p h o n e s o I c a n’t p o s t 

Pics b u t h e r e a r e s o m e s u g g e s t i o n s:

To t h e b e a uti f u l y o u


City H u n t e r s

P l a y f u l kiss

Flower b o y r a m e n s h op


S o r r y a g a i n…:(

My Birthday and stuff

DSC00884 <– I like this one

It’s was my birthday on Thursday !

But I’m going to take this opporutnity to tell you guys to FINISH UP YOUR WINTER BREAK WORK. If you like to cram a lot like me then this should be the start of your craming. It gives you about 3 days to cram.

I also wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that  this year brings wonderful things for all of you guys.

I’m just going to post some pictures of my birthday.




there is plenty of more on my facebook…but I look silly in them. I also has some videos.