Words To Use More Often

i will try this! ^-^


BOOKS!! \(^-^)/

Alright these are psych books..sort of

* Flip by Martyn Bedford is a fictional.

One sentence summary: A boy goes though “psychic evacuation” into another body and he doesn’t understand why, but he must find out how to change back before it’s too late.

(These are two different book covers for it)

flip by martyn bedford

* Born On A Blue Day by Daniel Tammet is nonfiction.

One sentence summary: Daniel Tammet has Asperger’s savant syndrome and he will open his world for you, where you will be amazed to find that your life isn’t that complicated.


* the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon is fictional. (I’m currently reading this)

One sentence summary: A very entertaining book about an autistic boy facing many surprising events in which he turns into a detective in order to find a solution. (It was very hard to write a summary for this one, but it’s a very good book even though a dumb ass kid spoiled the whole book for me)

the curious incident of the dog in the nigh-time

Update # 2

Here is my second update..

* I spoke to the Medical coordinator about having a speaker at my school. I will speak to her on Monday see what else she says.

* I understood that the “Pages” aren’t for you to post stuff on there. O.o

* I have a Science Fair Project due.. and I’M FREAKING OUT. \(>-<)/

* I will be posting more things for “Weekend Ideas” but it will relate more to Christmas.

* I will be having a Free-Hug Monday tomorrow. Where I give out… free hugs. You guys should try it too.

* I want to know your New Year’s Resolutions.. whatever that means. I will start my list and post it for you guys to see. Maybe you guys can geet some ideas from it.


It’s very hard to trust people after you have done so and ended up with your face against the floor. (not literally)


I recommend it! ^-^

But I don’t really trust people so I will continue keeping myself busy.

DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY… I noticed that keeping myself busy really keeps my mind off things. I feel a rush.

My guidance counselor told me that it doesn’t make you seem WEAK when you cry it actually makes you BRAVE. Personally, I never really liked crying infront of people. SO… IF SHOWING YOUR REAL FEELINGS MAKES YOU BRAVE, THEN WHAT OTHER STUFF AM I MISSING OUT ON?

Apparently, you can sing infront of people..even though your not good at it. A lot of times, I’m listening to a song and I want to sing a long or I want to dance but I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU?

DSC00707 <— this the stress ball my guidance counselor gave me…. o-o I might end up eating it.