Update #3

* I’m so bored: I have been sitting around my house doing nothing but searching through my computer. Normally the reasonable thing to do is do my homework but I can only do it when I’m feeling good.

* It’s going to be New Years: What are you guys going to be doing? I won’t be celebrating it with my mom, I’ll be over my nana’s. Supplies: Sparklers, grapes, alcohol drinks…nah I mean alcohol, camera..etc. My nana and everyone wanted me to participate in their “Gangnam style end of the year dance”……hell no. I don’t dance at all. period.

* My Birthday: ^-^ the day of my birth…Oh fun fact… My mom and I share the same birthday so I must be home that day. She gives me the ” friggin whole lot of pain I put up with” >.> face when I say that I was her present that year of 1997…..I’m sure I was her present ^-^

* Pause for Weekend Ideas: I see you guys like them. I will post more like half-way through January. I will try to do all my Weekend Ideas but if not I have next year.

* Getting a Doggie: \(^-^)/ yay.. he is going to be a Jack Russel mixed with a Terrier. He is the doggy for the month January on my calendar which is a complete coincidence. I NEED TO FIND A NAME FOR HIM! Post suggestions please.

jack russel terrier


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