BOOKS!! \(^-^)/

Alright these are psych books..sort of

* Flip by Martyn Bedford is a fictional.

One sentence summary: A boy goes though “psychic evacuation” into another body and he doesn’t understand why, but he must find out how to change back before it’s too late.

(These are two different book covers for it)

flip by martyn bedford

* Born On A Blue Day by Daniel Tammet is nonfiction.

One sentence summary: Daniel Tammet has Asperger’s savant syndrome and he will open his world for you, where you will be amazed to find that your life isn’t that complicated.


* the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon is fictional. (I’m currently reading this)

One sentence summary: A very entertaining book about an autistic boy facing many surprising events in which he turns into a detective in order to find a solution. (It was very hard to write a summary for this one, but it’s a very good book even though a dumb ass kid spoiled the whole book for me)

the curious incident of the dog in the nigh-time


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