It’s very hard to trust people after you have done so and ended up with your face against the floor. (not literally)


I recommend it! ^-^

But I don’t really trust people so I will continue keeping myself busy.

DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY… I noticed that keeping myself busy really keeps my mind off things. I feel a rush.

My guidance counselor told me that it doesn’t make you seem WEAK when you cry it actually makes you BRAVE. Personally, I never really liked crying infront of people. SO… IF SHOWING YOUR REAL FEELINGS MAKES YOU BRAVE, THEN WHAT OTHER STUFF AM I MISSING OUT ON?

Apparently, you can sing infront of people..even though your not good at it. A lot of times, I’m listening to a song and I want to sing a long or I want to dance but I don’t want to make a fool out of myself. DOES THIS HAPPEN TO YOU?

DSC00707 <— this the stress ball my guidance counselor gave me…. o-o I might end up eating it.


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