What’s going on?

Hey there,

– I think I’ll be posting videos whenever I can.

– I will most likely be seeing a guidance counselor ( I just learned how to spell counselor) because I haven’t been doing so well lately. I’ve been crying, stressed, I can’t seem to be happy anymore. I try my best to be happy at school but I get tired of faking and just give up after a while. I also dread coming home. I’ll write more about that later.

– I’m working so that means at least a little more money will be coming in.

– I’m going to post a video about the basics you need to know about me in the next post.

– I don’t know how people can see this site. I feel like my nana trying to understand technology (but I’m sure it’s more troublesome for her). Does it magically appear on people’s computer screen. I know I can follow people. So I am guessing it’s like twitter, but better….?

– I don’t know if I should get my friend’s to see my posts. I’ll think about it.

I’ll tell you guys more abouts what’s going on in my video

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